Thursday, June 02, 2011

family weekend3

this past weekend we had an extended memorial day weekend in chicago visiting the hubby's sister and her husband. they're great people and i love visiting them. plus, chicago is such a great town. how could we not have fun?

we also got to see parker and latte.

queen parker

Latte in a Kitty Wig
sadly, we didn't take a picture of latte, so i'm giving you an old picture of her in a wig that fuzzy took a while back.

we saw 2 shows, both of which included dances that erica choreographed. fuzzy and erica also performed in the 2nd show. it was great to see their artistry at work. they're very talented people! we didn't take pictures during the show, but here are some pictures of the after party on saturday night. it was the last night of bbr so there was a lot of celebrating going on.

fuzzy after the last bbr show
fuzzy chatting with friends and performers

erica after the bbr show
erica looking all pretty

me and the hubby after the last bbr show
the hubby and i chilling while everyone talks

talking after the last bbr show

on sunday it warmed up so we took an 8 mile bike ride along lake shore drive, ate lunch and then walked in and out of shops. it was a beautiful day!

resting for a minute

baldman had to wear a sweatband because without hair, the sweat just goes into his eyes. dork!

lots of people enjoying the weather and the lake on memorial day
lake shore was PACKED, as was the beach.

we ate lots of yummy food, including awesome home made breakfasts, indian food, ethiopian food, vegan food, and yummy sandwiches from gaztro wagon.

at ras dashan
ras dashan!

we visited erica's office.
the kesher girls

and, on the last night we had a little gathering at e&f's with some of their closest friends.

hanging out at erica and fuzzy's

noah and spukey trix
noah and spukey trix

me and kate
the 2 kates.

thanks, erica and fuzzy for the great time!


Erica said...

Hooray! It was such a blast!

That photo of Parker is too much cute!

Love y'all!

wagsandpurrs said...

It looks like y'all had loads of fun!!!