Sunday, June 12, 2011

placement news

we found out on wednesday that our placement for marknoll lay missioners (mklm) will be in tanzania! this is great news because it was our first choice. all of the placements sounded amazing, but we are super excited to be going to the very place that we wanted the most!

we still don't know what our jobs will be yet. but we will shortly because in order to get a tanzanian visa, we have to have a job description. deciding our work is a process that will happen via phone and email conversations over the next few weeks/months. the woman who called us with the offer said that there was no end to the work we could do, given our education, skills and hobbies. narrowing it down, she said, would be the hard part.

mklm is in 2 cities in tanzania, mwanza and musoma. both are located along lake victoria in the northern part of the country. we actually visited mwanza in 2006 and LOVED it. so we're super excited to possibly be placed there. we'll be in musoma for at least our first 6 months for language school (all missioners have language training/immersion before being sent to their mission site). after language school we'll transition into the work we'll be doing for the next 3 years.

so we're one step closer and it's seeming more and more real each day. now, if we could just sell our house....

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Theresa said...

Congratulations to the both of you. What an incredible journey. Lots of love.