Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Google Voice

We got a Google Voice number a while back so that I could send text messages for free and also so people could leave voice mails for us when we're abroad. When people leave voice mails for us on GV, it emails us a (poorly done) transcription of the message. Here's one I got today from a fellow MKLMer:

"Hey, Ohh, this is maria in Washington. I am at the mechanic. Gardiner very close to the capital on the south side, of the Catholic he just start barely along the mom this is reachable to panic gardens and I need to eat some lunch in a meeting at 130 just finished talking to some 22 year old, climbers and I wanted to get a chicken ass, but alas, that's done, one more meeting 130 beautiful day gimme a call if you guys only for lunch or later. "


Ben Waldie said...

A chicken ass, eh?

LOL. Can you receive text messages at your Google Voice number? Can you receive picture messages there?

Waldie said...

Yes. Text away! And I'm not sure about picture texts. I don't see why not. But I think mom tried to do it and couldn't. However, that may have been user error. (Sorry, mom.)

Anonymous said...

No, it was NOT user error. Ok, maybe it was, but I honestly don't think so.

Sean said...

That's awesome.