Friday, November 04, 2011

Visits with Friends

The goodbye tour for the Reids has continued in DC as we've gotten some special opportunities to say goodbye to more friends.

On Monday night, which just so happened to be Halloween, we got a bonus visit with one of Chris's oldest friends, Jeremy, and a special meeting with his girlfriend Jan. They were in town from San Diego for a work trip this week.*

2 Muchadors!
Jeremy and Jan dressed as Mexican wrestlers, Luchadors, or "Muchadores."

We also got to see them on Thursday night too. Double bonus!

On Tuesday night we met up with my friend from NYU, Emily, and her husband. They're in limbo before moving into their new (gorgeous) house, so we hung out at her parent's house and had an amazing dinner!

Emily cooking a kick-butt dinner
I love their dog, Paloma, sitting with her legs spread in the background waiting for Kevin to come home and play with her.

Visiting with Kevin and Emily

I guess I've probably already said this more than once already. But I'm going to keep saying it because it's true. It's really a special thing to have so many supportive friends and family accompanying us on this adventure. And, it's been a wonderful experience having the opportunity to see so many of our dearest loved ones in such a short period of time. We'll definitely draw from these memories when we're struggling with temporarily having no familiar faces or loved ones near to us.

*I was going to plop a link in here to my blog post about when we recently visited Jeremy in San Diego, only to realize that I never wrote such a blog post! I guess things got really busy at the time and I just forgot. All I said about our trip was the massive power outage, which is hardly representative of the great time we had. Oh well, the pictures of the trip are on Flickr.

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