Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lisa’s Pride

This past weekend we went to the house of a fellow MKLMer and a Maryknoll Sister to help them with a program for children with HIV. The program is called Lisa’s Pride and is named after Sister Marion’s family member who died in the states of complications from gallbladder surgery in 2005. We had a great time on Saturday playing games, putting together puzzles and jumping rope with the kids. The program keeps track of the medical needs of the children, gives referrals to the family and provides nutritious foods for them to take home each month. Us students practiced our limited Kiswahili, but I still felt like it was not enough to actually communicate. I look forward to being able to speak a bit more with the kids and their adult caregivers in our future visits to the program.

Me & Caitlin turning rope

Chris playing TZ checkers

Chris playing checkers w/ a child who is deaf

After the program was over, Liz and Marion thanked us for our help by serving us the best lasagna dinner ever! They even gave us dessert! What a treat!


kate said...

I've been enjoying the blog, I'm so glad that you made it safely. I think hanging out with young kids is the best way to try out your language skills. They just want to have fun and don't judge. Take care

Anonymous said...

Great photos but lots of kids. Are those parents sitting in the wings? Where were these photos taken? Looks pretty there.

Love u,

Waldie said...

The program is held outside of Liz and Marion's house. They have a beautiful yard with orchids and lots of other plants.