Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Environmental Impact

This is what happens when a country has a lack of garbage disposal and sanitation--people dump everything into the rivers and streams. Then this happens:

The stream has diverted due to the trash blocking the way. You can see it flowing freely through the neighborhood.
The river gets blocked and after a heavy rain the water finds an alternate route to get out, thus flooding your neighborhood.

This is the way it's supposed to flow.
Chris and David tried to unclog it so the river could flow again, a very dirty job.

Our house is the gate on the left. The stream is supposed to run alongside it.
Some neighborhood kids helped, which hopefully is a good lesson to them.

Chris and David trying to re-divert the stream. Mariamu and some other children help in the background.
Eventually they decided it was a fruitless effort to clean it out while there was water flowing. So they'll wait until it dries up again and try to clean in after a few days (if we don't get another torrential downpour like yesterday.

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