Monday, November 11, 2013

Lulu Update

I just typed up a database for the girls who have signed up for Lulu group so far. Here are the stats:

So far we have 33 girls*.

They range in age from 12-24 years.

Only 3 of them have jobs. They rest work in the home (theirs or someone else's) for no/little pay.

9 of them have children.

22 of them have left school.

13 of them went only to 8th grade.

Stated reasons for wanting to join the group:
  • I want unity and collaboration 
  • I want to learn a skill
  • To pull myself out of poverty
  • I want to learn more and prepare for later in life

*We will keep collecting forms for the next few weeks but also some girls will drop out, so these numbers will change. Also, we might break the girls into 2 groups, those in school and those not in school because their schedules are so different, it will be hard to find a time suitable for both groups of girls.

Can't wait to get started!

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Anonymous said...

Pretty interesting. It would be hard to know where to start first!

Love you,