Monday, June 16, 2014

International Day of the African Child

Did you know June 16 is the Day of the African Child? In honor of the day, let's meet some of the familiar African child faces from our neighborhood. What better reason to celebrate than these cuties! And aren't we lucky we get to see them every day.

Maende in fancy shoes. He has a wonderful personality and is just old enough to be coming into his own.

Paulo. His parents own the little shop where we buy our daily staples (bread, eggs, flour, matches, etc.).

Sifa, which means praise. She's a girl. She comes with her mom each week for tutoring class with Chris.

Last but certainly not least, Stevu. I like to think of him as kinda the mayor of the kids in the neighborhood. His mom also owns another little shop where we buy our staples when Mama Paulo is out.

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