Monday, June 09, 2014

Lulu Merchandise for Sale (Limited quantities)

After I posted the picture of our Lulu booth at last weekend's craft fair, I received some feedback from folks interested in purchasing items. As I'm sure most understand, shipping from Africa isn't really very reliable, nor is it cost effective. So I have to rely on travelers coming to and from our area to transport any items going to the US. Luckily, such an opportunity is coming up next month! So, I present to you pictures of Lulu items that I have for sale.

Crocheted Bag/Purse (with lining and zipper), Stuffed Lizard made from kitenge African fabric, and Small Gift Bags made out of kitenge

Closeup of Bag/Purse (also available in pink)

Closeup of Lizards

Closeup of Gift bags

Crocheted Baby and Infant Sweaters and Caps and Balls made of kitenge African fabric

Necklaces with handmade beads of kitenge African fabric (available in 3 lengths: 25-, 30- and 40-bead count) and Greeting Cards (cards available are Christmas cards, flowers, wedding, and baby)

Closeup of the cool beads with various fabrics/colors

Mobiles with birds, stars or hearts (available in 2 lengths: 3- and 5-count) made of kitenge African fabric and bracelets with handmade beads of kitenge African fabric

Closeup of shorter Mobiles

Closeup of longer Mobiles

Closeup of Bracelets

Plastic Ball with rattle inside made of recycled plastic bags

Plastic Bag/Basket made of recycled plastic bags

I have limited quantities and the space in the suitcase will be small, so big orders for churches or other groups will have to wait for another time (though you can certainly let me know if this is something you're interested in for the future). Leave a comment in the message box, or email me at kreid(at) with questions or more detailed pictures and to discuss payment options.

Also, here's a picture of the girls in Mabatini* making cards last week. I love that they're all wearing their Lulu t-shirts, which say Ushirikiano (cooperation), Uthubutu (assertiveness), and Ubunifu (creativity)!

Finally, here's a Lulu baby, one of many. Queenie gets a little bored during our lessons so we tried to entertain her on this day by putting chalk on her face. She loved it!

Asante sana (thank you so much) on behalf of the girls for your support!

*Just to be clear, the handcrafts pictured above are made by all Lulu girls in our various groups around Mwanza.


mary said...

I want a 5-count star mobile! One with a variety of fabrics and colors! How much are they? Is the person going to Maryknoll? If so, I can just pick it up. And possibly a kitenge necklace. Are you sending any extras over? I will be in New York from June 15ish to July 13, so let me know! You can email me at or message me on facebook. Yay! I've been excited ever since I saw the other pictures! Say hi to Chris and the dogs! (but not bubu)
mary (feighery) (=

Waldie said...

Sure thing, Mary! I'll send you a private message with details but for now, no I'm not planning to send any extras over. Just taking orders at this time. I will have the stuff shipped to you directly. We'll be in touch. Thanks!

Jean Marie Place said...

Hi Katie! How great! I think I'd like a mobile. One of the birds and one of stars. How much are they? Thank you! How can I get the money to you? Sending love to you and Chris.

Waldie said...

Definitely, JM! The birds and stars come in two lengths. The longer is $4 and shorter $3. I'm using Paypal. I'll message you personally with more info. Thanks for your support!