Monday, January 26, 2015

Things I will miss when I leave Tanzania

Quickly following on the heels of my last post...  I'd like to write another post at a later time about why it's not so easy to leave here, despite all the challenges it presents. But for now, here's a quick list (in no particular order) of the things I'll miss when we return in just a few short months to the US:

- the Lulu girls
- the diverse expat community in Mwanza and all the friends I've made here
- fresh non-processed foods and cheap delicious fruits
- the kids in our neighborhood who stop by to play with our dog in the yard
- our cat and dog, Bubu and Nyeusi
- the relaxed pace of life and hanging out with Chris a lot
- chatting up the ladies at my duka
- the daily challenge of speaking in Swahili
- the Mwanza charity craft fair held 2 times a year
- no-plan cell phone and internet usage! FREEDOM
- chapatis, mandazis, and vitumbua
- home-made TZ hot sauce (pilipili)
- Sambusas from "All Hand-Suckin' Good" Uhondo take-away
- surprise packages from friends and family at home
- daily adventures

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