Sunday, January 25, 2015

Things I'm looking forward to having when I move back to the US

Besides the obvious of being close(r) to friends and family and seeing them a lot more, here's a list which I'll probably continue to expand, of things I'm looking forward to having at least easier access to when I move back State-side (in no particular order and most of these will probably be food-related)*:

- goat cheese / chevre
- alright, I really mean all kinds of cheese. I could have a subcategory here: brie, queso, sharp cheddar, blue...
- mmmMMMmmm, mom's blue cheese dressing
-  asparagus
- cooler weather
- berries
- other kinds of beer than light lager
- Philly/NY pizza
- concerts, movies, sporting events, and public events
- not constantly feeling or being sick **
- throwing and going to parties
- diversity of people ***
- road tripping

* Spoiler alert, this is definitely not a one-way street so I'll write in the near future about what I'll miss about TZ when I move back to the US.
** I'll admit I'm feeling nauseous as I write this and I just got over a non-successful gagging jag.
*** Living in a place that's different than America is not the same as living in a place that has a diversity of people.

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Ashley McLaughlin Leen said...

You be quiet. Please.

But when my day comes, I will also look forward to scented candles, dried black beans, and pistachios along with a lot of what you said.