Sunday, January 29, 2006

weekend on

i wouldn't necessarily say we had a whole weekend on. but saturday chris and i spent 12 hours and 9 hours respectively roofing a house. we were volunteering with homeworks, a non-profit organization that does repairs on homes (kind of like habitat). it's always fun to get back into the saddle again, as they say. unless you end up like this:



and this is just the sunburn. you can't imagine how our arms, legs, hands, toes, EVERYTHING feels today. ouch! but good work was done. we should do it more often (once we recuperate).


discipleassisi said...

love. it.
hope you didn't mind my laughing at you this morning chris :D

Anonymous said...

SUNSCREEN SUNSCREEN SUNSCREEN!!! SKIN CANCER SKIN CANCER SKIN CANCER!!! That looks very painful!!! Put aloe vera on it constantly!! You need one of those things they wore in Lawrence of Arabia. And by the way, we need a new roof!!!!!