Friday, October 20, 2006

fancy living

In my last post I said I was a wallflower and that I would stay inside my hotel room by myself for the night. Well, I wanted to let you all know (since I know you've been dying to find out what I did for the rest of the week) I actually went out that night (Tuesday) as well as for the rest of my nights in Atlanta. After blogging and checking my email on Tuesday I went down for the free drinks in the hotel and ran across a few folks from the club. Three of us went out here for dinner. It was not as fancy as the website makes it out. But it was expensive and the food was really good. We figured, what the hey, we were getting reimbursed for it.

Then Wednesday night everyone in the club was taken out to dinner here by our trainer. This place was also really fancy and expensive. I had a glass of wine and an awesome vegetable plate with squash, cous cous, curried cauliflower, the best baked potato ever, and one other veggie that’s escaped my memory. We were living the high life, I’ll tell ya’.

Then yesterday I ended up the week of training by having dinner with my aunt Mary. I stopped my high-life-livin’ there and we went cafeteria-style, as Aunt Mary always does. But it was still good food and good company.

I’m home now and trying to keep my fantasy living alive by taking a comp day from work. Well, I was "forced" to take a comp day because I’ve been working so much, or so they said. So I will try my best to avoid my email and cell phone today. I’ve already heard the phone ringing and have sent a few messages out, so we'll see how well I stick to that. But it's a good goal to have.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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Dogwood Dell said...

Living the high life is fun every so often. Seems like Atlanta treated you well (at least with the meals). Also pleased you went out with the group. It’s hard at times for me when I'm in a new group session.

For one who travels at times on long stints, the travel is fun for a week. But for several weeks, the home voices call you. The last thing I want at that time is to eat out (again) and would rather sit at home eating a PB&J with a tall glass of milk.

This weekend - recoup and recover. I would like to hear more of your adventures soon.