Wednesday, February 20, 2008

second marriage

while we visited my family in nj this weekend we went to our local church for mass. apparently the state of nj designated last sunday as a day to give special prayers to married couples to strengthen their marriage bond and preserve their vocation. (i personally, think it might've been more appropriate to do this the weekend before since february 10th was technically world marriage day, but whatever.) in any event, chris and i (along with a couple dozen other couples) got to renew our wedding vows. it was actually really sweet and my husband looked me in the eyes this time as he said his vows. so i guess we're on our second marriage now. cool.


Anonymous said...

Where was Chris looking the first time he said his vows?
~Tricia M.

wagsandpurrs said...

Congrats, you two! That is so sweet! And speaking of sweet, thanks for the birthday gift! I got it today and can't wait to use it!!! I love y'all!

Waldie said...

he looked everywhere but at his wife-to-be. he said he couldn't look at me because he was going to cry, which is sweet but i really wanted him to look at me.