Monday, February 11, 2008

they arrived!

the seeds are in!


the pictures on the packages look so good, you almost think they're real. i am hoping to plant them tomorrow if i can sneak it in after work and before sunset.

i've not posted about this weekend so i'll say a few words here. i was so productive!

on saturday i visited the all-local farmers market and picked up some fresh goodies. then, it was such a beautiful day, i headed home and dug up our yard. i made a 12' x 8' plot for the garden. our soil is so good (as far as i can tell). there were lots of happy bugs (well, they were temporarily unhappy because i dug them up), and there were very little rocks and the soil just looked dark and healthy! it's so cute, even as just a patch of tilled earth.

sunday the productivity continued. i finally got around to touching up the paint around the new windows which were installed in december. it didn't take too long but it was something that had been nagging me for months. woohoo!

thanks to me, chris has been sick for the past few days, so he's been laying low, reading and just chilling. of course, there's always time for cuddling even if you're sick.

cuteness x2

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wagsandpurrs said...

WOW, Doozer IS as big as Smokey, Tony, and the other long-haired gang here!! I hope that you are better now, Christopher.
And Katie, congrats to you for being so productive!! Those seeds do look good enough to eat! I hope that your good dirt and happy bugs make a very happy garden!!!!! You do need a gnome, though.