Saturday, March 01, 2008

new curls

i finally went for it and cut most of my curls off. it was about this time 7 years ago that i did the same thing. that just so happens to be right at the beginning of when i started dating my husband. so maybe there's some sort of significance there, i don't know. but what i do know was i was ready for a change. so here it is:

my new look

other things of note: i drove all the way out to here (1 hr 15 minutes drive) for 45 minutes of the worst presentation i've ever given at a conference which was so disorganized; then i got back in the car for another drive home. yea, that was a waste of a beautiful saturday. though, i have to say, the campus is pretty, the drive was nice and i got to listen to some good radio programs. and when i got home i decided to salvage what was left of the day and do some yard work. so it turned out okay.


Dogwood Dell said...

Wow! Big change.

You're going to shock some people over the next couple of days.

BTW...Short hair and hot, humid SC summers are a good combination.

wagsandpurrs said...

WOWZA, that looks great! Of course, I am partial to very short hair!! I think you look fabulous!! And... how 'bout that Santino???

Anonymous said...

Nice do, Katie, but you look tired in the photo. After a hard day yesterday, hope you get some rest today. Love you,

PS. I COMPLETELY understand the allure of short hair. I like it too -- a lot!

discipleassisi said...

LOVE the hair! - and btw, that's where I went to high school!
good 'ole hartsville :) did you like the cotton fields? there's miles and miles of 'em...

Erica said...

YOU ARE GORGEOUS! HOLY CRAP, Katie! When you said you were going to get a haircut, you meant it! I love love love love love love love it!!

Anonymous said...

you are a cutie patootie and i look forward to seeing you soon!