Sunday, March 16, 2008

girl-full weekend and other rambling

i am late on a bunch of blog posts. so i'm doing them all in one right here.

birthdays: happy birthday on wednesday of last week to lindsay. happy birthday on friday of last week to melissa. this is the time of year for some fantastic birthdays!

question: how do you know it's spring? is it a) flowers are blooming, b) the time change last week, c) pollen in the air, or d) waldie has poison ivy.

answer: the one tried and true way to know that sping is in the air is for me to have poison ivy. all the other ways work too, but this way seems to happen more regularly than any other method i've found thus far. where is my pi?, you may want to know. on my face, of course. how lovely.

this weekend: i had a very women-friendly weekend. on friday i attended a fantastic ladies-only dinner party. that was a hoot, i'll tell ya! great food, great drinks, great company and great music.

then, on saturday chris and i headed up to greenville for this one's baby shower.

cheryl at her baby shower

again, great food, great friends, great games, and a good time.

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