Sunday, September 28, 2008

cursed machinery

remember how i sung the praises of the bread machine that i just got? well, i bought the ingredients to make a second loaf of bread yesterday and wouldn't you know but the little paddle thing (a necessary part of the machine) was totally missing! i searched high and low and just cannot find it. and, since it's a discontinued model the piece was hard to come by and i ended up paying $23 for the replacement. that's my luck for ya!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, that really stinks. But it won't take you that long to get your money back on the part -- how much is a loaf of bread now? And the bread will be better than what you can buy in the store. So, in the end, it's probably worth the $23. Still stinks though. One thought, did you look in the food processor for the part? Or is possible the cats knocked it off the counter and batted it under the refrigerator or stove? I still think the part will show up.