Sunday, September 07, 2008

stellar weekend

yesterday i pulled myself out of bed a lot earlier than i wanted to. but, thanks in part to my fellow-garden-loving coworker, i had a fire in me to get the garden ready for fall. so i plowed everything down that was finished or that never even got started, turned the dirt, made it all pretty, and planted 2 sets of onions, 2 sets of carrots, spinach, italian greens, and lettuce. this is my first try at fall gardening so i hope these things work out. i'll let you know. but the garden looks all pretty again with freshly tilled earth and no weeds. and, man! did we have weeds. the vines that made homes beneath the garden were ridiculous! so if nothing else, i eradicated a whole bunch of yucky junk.

yesterday evening we had a bunch of tanzanian's over for dinner. we had excellent food and even better company. plus we got to eat outside in the back yard, which was totally enjoyable!

today was full of shop shop shopping. a few days ago i decided that it was high time for me to have a clothing update. i underwent a year review at work recently and the only negative comment was related to my not-always-so-professional clothes. most of my clothes come as hand-me-downs from my sister, which is great. but they should probably be used as supplemental items to one's clothing, not the main staple of one's wardrobe. most everything either doesn't fit right anymore, has pit stains, or is just not quite professional enough. so i headed out to the mall to try my hand at shopping, which i hate doing and am not good at it either (which is another reason why i have so few professional clothes). i had the fantastic idea to call a friend who lives close to the stores. i figured, if nothing else, she would want to grab a drink or something and provide a nice intermission to my shopping spree. to my surprise, and much to my greater benefit, she sort of took the shopping as a challenge for her to help serve as a buying consultant and help me pick out some must have staples. after making several successful (and thrifty) purchases she invited me back to her place where she unloaded a bunch more really fantastic stuff that she either didn't wear or wanted to get rid of. so i made away with a steal! and a whole new wardrobe, really! now the question is, what am i going to wear to work tomorrow!?

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