Friday, September 26, 2008

last weekend

i never really wrote in detail about what we did last weekend when my parents were in town. so here it is.

they arrived wednesday night and left on monday morning so we had a good long 4 day weekend to chill and do fun stuff.

i already mentioned that bo put in a dishwasher for us. here's a picture of it.
our new-to-us dishwasher
a God send!

thursday night we were tired from installing the dishwasher all day and the house was a wreck so we took take the parents out to one of our favorite restaurants in town. yummm! be bim bop!

friday, baldman had to work so he stayed in town, but mom, bo and i headed to the mountains to visit my uncle in boone. what a great town that is! we just hung around the town, walked in a few shops, went to dinner with my aunt and uncle and then the 5 of us took off to cross the border into tennessee to go to an antique auction. i love auctions. it's like a lost art. and i find it fascinating to see what people bid and do not bid on. i got a lot of interesting stuff there*.

here are a few picts of boone, (i'm sorry i didn't take more).

flowers outside aunt peggy's store in boone
flowers outside aunt peggy's store in boone
uncle sammy's office in boone

we got home way late friday so us old folks were about spent for the rest of the weekend. we walked around thrift stores and then headed home for a rest and a home cooked meal and time to spiff up for an nice evening out. a few weeks ago a very considerate friend of ours gave us season tickets to the south carolina philharmonic. because they were season tickets we also got 2 free additional tickets to any show of our choice. so, that being said, saturday was opening night and we all got to go! the show was fantastic and the new music director was really lively! it was great fun!

after mass on sunday we headed to the greek festival. man, that place was packed! they even expanded it this year, but it was still packed. and for the first time since we've been attending (5 years), they were sold out of most of the good food. the veggie plate was gone. the spanekopeta was gone. the baklava was gone. geeze, what did we go for!? but we scrounged a plate together anyway and enjoyed the good weather and people watching.

greek festival

*"interesting" is sort of a polite way to say junk. but, to be honest, it really wasn't junk. my uncle had a great time bidding on things and then say, "i bought that for you!" so i got a great dresser which my mom bought me, a watermelon rug (the most interesting find), and a cool oil lamp which is missing the dome on top.


Anonymous said...

We had a great time in Columbia and loved spending time with you and Chris. I was sad to leave. Thank you again for everything, from be bim bop to the Philharmonic to your caper pasta.

Love you,

Dogwood Dell said...

One man's junk is an other man's treasure.

Oh the stories I can tell about junk.....