Saturday, June 20, 2009

belated post about my vacation

now that a week has passed i think it's high time i talk a little about my camping trip last week.

my parents came into town and on monday we headed up to pisgah national forest. we had reservations from monday afternoon till saturday afternoon to camp at davisdon river campground.

i can't remember what time we got into town on monday. but by the time we got there and setup camp, it was pretty late in the afternoon. so we went to the ranger station to get maps and ideas of where to hike over the week. we got to take a brief walk around the campsite, which included a traipse over a small suspension bridge. then we settled in for the night by making a fantastic dinner over the open flames and followed it up with cheese-its roasted on the fire and s'mores.

here are some shots of our first day:

setting up the tarp over the "dining room"
setting up camp
setting up the tarp over our "dining room"

the suspension bridge on our walk around camp
the suspension bridge

cooking dinner on the first night
cooking dinner

mom's first s'more
the first s'more of the trip

on tuesday we decided to see a bunch of waterfalls. we got to see 5 that day. two of them, looking glass falls and sliding rock, were right by the road. you just had to walk down steps to see them.

mom taking a picture of looking glass waterfall
mom taking a pict of looking glass falls

sliding rock waterfall
aptly named, sliding rock is a place where people can slide down the rock into a pool of frigid water below. we opted to skip this part. but it was fun to watch.

in between seeing those two waterfalls, we took a short jaunt to moore cove waterfall. that one was cool because you could walk right up and go under it. mom was excited because she'd never been behind a waterfall before. i wondered if we should have found gold or seen a unicorn or something.

walking to the waterfall
moore cove waterfall (see mom in the side to get an idea of scale)
mom in moore cove waterfall

after a quick picnic lunch (day 1 of pb&j) and a ride on a portion of the blue ridge parkway, we took the longest walk of the day. this hike allowed us to see two waterfalls, the upper and second falls. finding the upper falls was easy, but the hike to the second falls took a long time. the trail wasn't well marked, so we weren't even sure we were on the right track a lot of the time. but once we found it, it was neat because you could really walk on the falls and hike to the top (thanks, i believe, to the lack of rain for the past few years). after resting for a little while we skedaddled out of there because the thunder and black clouds looked ominous. it did rain, but luckily it waited until we got to the car. we actually lucked out with the rain during the whole week. the forecast was for rain every day and it did rain pretty much every day. but it would only rain for a few minutes and we never got caught in it.

view of cold mountain from blue ridge parkway
view of cold mountain from the parkway

upper waterfall
upper waterfall
mom and me playing in the falls
shots of upper waterfall

walking through graveyard ridge on the way to upper and second waterfalls
hiking from the upper to the second waterfall

the second waterfall
hiking up the waterfall
shots of the second waterfall

more to be posted later on wednesday to saturday.

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