Saturday, January 09, 2010

christmas in chicago

even though the holidays seem long gone in some ways, we're still in the christmas mode here in our house. tonight is our annual post-holiday holiday party. (7:00 tonight at our place. please stop by.)

and in honor of our holiday spirit, here are some shots of our christmas in chicago.

we broke our drive up into 2 days (well, more accurately an evening and a full day) so the drive was much easier. and it was a very scenic landscape to watch pass by as we went from mountains to plains. very beautiful. so we pulled into chi-town around dinner time on the 23rd. speaking of dinner time, big shout out to team gerdes for making such fantastic meals for us! steaming hot red beans and rice awaited us upon our arrival. yum, comforting.

erica and baldman play with muscle men
what's a visit to the gerdes house without playing with toys?

christmas eve was great. other than a little grocery shopping, we mostly spent the day hanging out around the apartment. then that night everybody went to evening mass and then out to the most delicious ethiopian food! yowza!

a toast!
check out my man toasting with some chai.

the family at the ethiopian restaurant on christmas eve
the family at ras dashen

ethiopian food on christmas eve
ok, i know it looks like doody here, but seriously, folks, that stuff is good eats!

christmas day was really fun. santa was good to everyone. and we had another fantastic home cooked meal. we spent much of the afternoon playing the wii. that was hilarious. we played rayman raving rabbids and me and the hubby spent the next 2 days with sore "wii-arms." we also did some of the wii fitness stuff and i got my wii age. i was the youngest in the group, i'm proud to say, and i clocked in at 38 years old. guess that's still not great considering that i'm 6 years younger than that. we also watched a few movies, because what is christmas without a christmas story?

opening presents on christmas morning
erica and tricia excited to open presents!

opening presents on christmas morning
opening gifts

christmas dinner- yummy!
dinner, yum!

erica and baldman playing the wii
the siblings playing the wii

run run run run run
me and fuzzy in a serious competition

when people hear that we were in chicago for christmas they always ask, didn't it snow? so, yes, it did snow. see:

the snow outside e & f's apartment

the day after christmas we took a trip to see goober, the dog that tricia gave away to a man in chicago. we also had another fantastic lunch, this time at an algerian crepe place.

goober, the snow dog

snowy weather in chicago
outside the crepe place

and on the last day that we were there, erica and fuzzy threw a party in our honor. it was so sweet. a bunch of their friends bared the cold to come and see us. what an honor!

everybody in the kitchen
the kitchen was the place to be because it had the mulled wine!

chilling around the tasty food
of course, the array of food was delicious

megan enjoying the pickled okra
megan especially liked the pickled okra

katie and rebecca
katie and rine-stone chatting it up

2 kiddies play together
the kiddies running wild in the house full of toys!

more pictures from chicago in my flickr photo set.

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