Monday, January 04, 2010

christmas past

we finally returned from our cross-country family road trip. i didn't explicitly state on the blog that we were going anywhere. i'm always a little overly cautious about putting too much info on the blog before or during a trip saying we're out of town. i'm just a little paranoid that the information will be used against me and someone will rob our house. too many robberies growing up in philly, i guess.

we drove to chicago and spent 4 days at chris's sister and brother-in-law's place. and then we drove from chi to mississippi to spend some time with the extendeds. then, we returned on saturday. it was a whirl-wind trip but we had a fantastic time in chicago, and got a lot of visiting in and a lot accomplished in mississippi. i'll be posting pictures and sharing stories over the next little while.

before we inevitably head out of town each year for christmas, the hubby and i always open the presents from the other side of the family, those gifts that are not coming on the trip with us. here are some shots of that sweet little mini-early christmas.
all snuggled in ready to open presents
getting nice and cozy to open gifts

what's it going to be?
baldman opening a gift

baldman checking out his target gift card
he got a target gift card which also doubles as a cool board game from my brother and his family

baldman looking at his pepe book
he also got a pepe the king prawn book. he's infatuated with that muppet these days.

mokey loved that thing
mokey got a catnip shaker that she LOVES! (you're supposed to use it to shake catnip on things and let her roll on that. but we just put the whole shaker on the ground and let her go to town.)

waldie looking tired and showing off some of the waldie family gifts
a tired me models and shows off the waldie family gifts (the book was written by my brother)

there are more pictures of our pre-christmas christmas at home in columbia on our flickr page.

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