Saturday, February 06, 2010


wishes today for a happy 66th wedding anniversary to my grandparents! i tried to find a picture in my flickr collection where just the 2 of them were together. i found this old one from the year before they got married:

gmom and gdad 1943
aren't they beautiful and happy!?

but i couldn't find a more recent one. maybe that's their secret to a successful marriage for this many years? they're never alone together!

so instead, i found this shot of the whole family at my first cousin, nick's, marriage in october. this picture might actually be more appropriate than one of just them, since without them this whole family wouldn't be here.

the family at nick and julia's wedding
obviously, grandmom and grandad are the 2 elderly people on the right. they still look beautiful and happy!

thanks, gradmom and grandad, for our family!

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