Saturday, February 13, 2010

animals need a good home

i don't think i've mentioned, but the hubby has been out of town all week helping his mom in mississippi. it's been a long and difficult week for him and his sister as they try to work through the (literal and figurative) mess. progress has been made, however slow and difficult. his mom has agreed to give up all but one cat (allie) so she can move into a smaller, more manageable place. if you don't know tricia, you don't know what a miracle that agreement is.

so, the long and the short of it is, if you know anyone interested in a cat or a dog, let me know. these are the good ones, the animals that are family. we have to find homes for woofer and saddie, both outside dogs, and buffy, bobbie, and bootsie, all sweet inside female cats. if you want to see pictures, you can look them up at baldman's old post about all the cats that were once here.

viewing baldman's old post lets you know how much progress has been made. to go from having 26 cats and 3 dogs down to just 4 cats and 2 dogs is a serious accomplishment. and by the end, we'll just have 1 cat left for her to keep. how did allie get so lucky?

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