Thursday, March 04, 2010

blast from the past

my mom sent me these pictures today. how sweet are they?

the house i grew up in
this is the house i grew up in (until 4th grade). i loved this house. it was big and old but it had some really beautiful things about it - the huge porch, the iron fence, the big trees around it (which gave me plenty of leaves to jump in during the fall). we used to play baseball in the driveway. and (though you can't see it) there were big cement steps that led up to the porch. i used to pretend that the steps were my bathtub and i would take sidewalk chalk and make a spout on the side of the step. even back then i loved baths.

speaking of baths...

me and my siblings as wee little ones
AHHH! brilliant! i love that my sister is pretending to sing into the hose. that's classic "rachel." man, that was a great tub! check out the claw feet on that thing! and, gotta love the vintage 1970's towels. we used those things until they were rags.

me and my siblings posing for a shot with our favorite dolls
how sweet are we with our little stuffed toys? my bear didn't have a name but he had a badge like a police bear. my brother's bear's name was geegee (is that how you spell it? correct me, ben). he has kept that bear all these years and now his daughters have it. i don't know if rachel's doll had a name. but she sure is nappy, huh? i think i remember having this picture taken. we pushed mine and rachel's beds together and we were being all goofy. i think mom had to bobby pin my brother's hair to make it stay down.

my sister on our porch (with the catholic school across the street in the background)
here's my sister on the swing on our porch. we later replaced this swing with a bench swing. what i love about this shot is the yellow bushes in the background. those bushes were so beautiful when they were in bloom! this shot is looking toward the front of our house onto the street so you can see the catholic school across the street. that's where i attended kindergarten through 8th grade.


Anonymous said...

So, you know those 1970's towels hanging in the bathroom? We still have the green ones... In fact, Rachel's dog, Oscar, usually sleeps on one when he's here.

Love you,

Anonymous said...

This is actually the way I think of you and your siblings . . . and the setting I picture you in. Where's Chris?

Uncle Sam

Anonymous said...

Kate, What has started this is that I have been dreaming allot about the house lately. I miss it soooooo much. Katie, you were sooooo freakin cute.

Erica said...

Love these!