Thursday, March 11, 2010

ok, last trip down memory lane... for now

another of my sister's birthdays with my dad lighting candles
we liked birthday parties in my family. this is my sister's 6 birthday as my dad lights her candles. of note in this picture is our long time family friend, robin, to the right. she is now married and has kids.

my sister and brother eating breakfast with my dad being goofy
here's my family eating breakfast. i loved our kitchen when i was a kid. actually, i still love the kitchen. there's a lot i really like about the picture. and i wonder who took it if my mom, dad, brother and sister are all in the shot. did i take it?

my sister and brother in school uniforms
look at these cuties in their uniforms. we wore those things from kindergarten till 8th grade. and then traded them out for another set through 12th grade. every year we took a picture of us on our first day of school. this shot must've been before i started school since i'm not in it.

mom and ? in the bedroom
mom and a friend in her bedroom. people say i look a lot like my mom. guess i see it here in this shot. i always loved that wallpaper, by the way. it had cool birds and flowers on it and i remember staring at it whenever i was laying on their bed.

hanging in the living room
don't know who the dude in this picture is. if any of the family knows, you can post it in the comments. my brother, of course has a cape on. that was quite usual for him as a child. actually, it wouldn't be that unusual for him now as an adult to have a cape on. and the brown corduroy couch! we had that couch until i was in high school and my mom and stepdad moved out of philly. that was the best couch in the world! so big and comfy!

my brother and sister selling lemonade in front our house
we always used to sell lemonade when we were kids. i don't remember a lot of people buying (it's not like we lived on a busy street), but i do remember a few people having pity on us and purchasing a dixie cup of that sweet goodness. i love my brother's little visor. dork! and i think that might be my grandparent's car in the driveway.


Erica said...

Too much cute!

I love how your dad is leaning down in the first 2 pics. That makes me happy for some reason.

Anonymous said...

Katie, I was wondering the same thing. I have no clue who the dude is on the couch.
I remember selling lemonade. All the old ladies in the neighborhood used to buy some. There was this one time that we were selling stamps or something lame like that. The old lady was like I would buy some lemonade if you had some. She walked away and as she did so, she dropped a quarter. Ben scooped it up. We were happy and thought we showed her.

Anonymous said...

The "dude" on the couch is Kathy Peterkin's husband. She's the 'dudette" on the bed with me. She and I took classes together to become childbirth educators and we were in the bedroom studying for our test, while her husband, who's name I can't remember, sat downstairs with you all.
They were nice peops.