Saturday, June 12, 2010

june garden pictures

i can't believe it's been almost a month since i last posted pictures of the garden. these shots don't do it justice because i was using two crappy cameras. the first camera, which takes better pictures, especially close-ups, had to be swapped out because the battery wouldn't stay alive long enough to take a shot. and the second one is just overall crappy and doesn't take good pictures.

but here they are, such as it is:

a dragonfly on the corn tassles
dragonfly on the tassels of the corn. by the way, there are so many beneficial bugs and insects when i go out to the garden. it's such a great sign. i even have a toad who comes hopping out when i water.

louisiana purple pod peas
these louisiana purple pod pees are just beautiful. and so tasty. they're growing up the king corn.


patsy's beans
i think this'll be the last time i grow patsy's beans. they're doing okay, better than in years past. but they just don't do great. they turn pink when they're ready to be picked.

black eyed susans under the bottle tree

tomatoes (there are 7 growing on this plant alone)
can't wait for these guys to ripen! i think we'll have a lot of tomatoes this year. this one plant has 7 fruits growing right now!

potatoes looking good. this is the first time i've ever grown potatoes.

big eggplant and peppers
the eggplant plants are huge! no fruit yet but there's a bunch of flowers so i'm sure the fruit will come soon.

kale, green peppers, cilantro
kale and green peppers with cilantro growing in the rectangle pot in the back and lots of mint flowering behind everything.

little okra slowly coming up too close to the tomatoes
the okra is slowly coming along. it's not doing too great probably because it's just kinda wedged in there between the fence and the tomatoes. but we'll get some stuff from it, i'm sure.


Anonymous said...

Finally caught up on all your blogs. Interesting entries and great photos. Your garden is so far along! Puts ours to shame.

Love, Mabearazoo

St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

What? No explanation or caption for the bottle tree? Does it grow beer, soda, fizzy water, or what?

Waldie said...

beer. definitely beer.

Anonymous said...

Katie- the photos look cool. I would love to pick and eat those tomatoes when they are done. Yummy!