Wednesday, June 23, 2010

lead-based paint inspection

we passed our lead paint inspection with flying colors! i was so stressed about this one, thinking that we would DEFINITELY have lead paint considering the age of our house (built in 1941). but, surprisingly, we had very little lead-based paint. there were only 1 or 2 "problem" areas but they were in good condition (meaning no chipping paint or totally painted over), so it's not an issue.

the inspector had this fancy ray gun-thingy that used a gamma ray to read through layers of paint on the walls. "it works kind of like superman's eyes," she said, and will read through up to 20 layers of paint. she took the laser gun around the house, lasering each wall. too bad she couldn't have just sent superman to do it. that would've been a whole lot more fun.


Erica said...

WOOHOO! Awesome!

Serena Thomson said...

Lead can be harmful, as it builds up in the body and can be a health risk.

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