Wednesday, June 16, 2010

an overthrow

monday night the hubby and i committed brutal murder. we sought out, beheaded and drowned an innocent mother.

i'm talking about the queen in hive 2 of course! remember when i mentioned that she was weak and had to go?

on monday night we picked up the new queen at a friend's house in chapin and then quickly came home, found and killed the old queen and instated a new one. this queen comes from north carolina and has a red mark on her thorax. chris was a little unsettled by the slaying, saying it was unceremonious. but i was all business. get it over with so we can keep the hive going, that was my mentality.

so, watch your back, y'all. now you know who's the brutal one in this relationship.

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Dogwood Dell said...

I've contacted the Apis Investigation Unit who will fly over and investigate the murder.

Assassination of a monarch is a serious offence, especially when it involves a human member in the coup. Be wary of an uprising within the hive’s colony.