Wednesday, August 18, 2010

absence makes the heart grow fonder

the hubby and i checked one of our beehives today for the first time since we extracted the honey over a month ago. by the month of june we were getting really tired of this hobby because we felt like we always had bee-related duties hanging over our heads. but since we've not seen them in a while, it really was good to open it up and say hello. we had to cut the inspection short, though, because it started to lightening and get overcast.

we did, however, learn one thing from the hive today. the bees do not like to be sung to. the hubby was singing a little song to them and they immediately got all feisty (when they had previously been calm) and stung both him and me*. maybe he came across a little taunting, but i thought it was sweet. he just said that was one of many in a long list of rejections from women.

*and, if you were wondering, i think "they" are totally right about the fact that if you get stung enough your bee allergy decreases. i used to swell up pretty bad when i got stung and the last 2 times i have barely swollen at all. it still is sore and hot, but nowhere near as bad as it used to be. pretty cool.


Ben Waldie said...

Don't forget to put wet baking soda (or power?) on it... you know, like they used to do at the pool?

Waldie said...

i did forget to do that. maybe i'll try it next time to see if it actually works. all i remember is it drying up and cracking off.

Anonymous said...

You can also try garlic -- rub a clove on the sting so the juice gets on the bite. That's what my grandma did and now, I keep reading that it works.