Friday, August 06, 2010

august garden

our garden is still going pretty well, despite the hot dry weather mixed with occasionally violent and sporadic rainstorms. i spent a good amount of time last weekend weeding and tying up the tomatoes and eggplant, which were falling all over the place.

the tomatoes have reached over 6 or 7 feet high and i've had to cut them a few times. yet they still keep growing. we've got 3 different varieties of tomatoes growing and only 2 of the varieties were producing any fruit. that is, up until last weekend. i noticed the second row of tomatoes had a few little green babies growing on it. and tonight when i went out there i realized that there are a good bit of tomatoes growing really high up there on them. so that's great news! we'll have tomatoes for a long time if they keep producing. and the ones that have ripened (and have not been eaten by bugs) are so delicious!

the eggplant is also going gangbusters. we've had so much eggplant this year, i've had to be very creative. baked eggplant, fried eggplant, eggplant parmesan, etc etc. the hubby's not a big fan of eggplant in general, but i think i've found ways to cook it that appeals to him.

the okra is so tall it's rivaling the tomatoes! whenever i grew okra in the past i would just get one or 2 a week. now we're getting several a day, which is cool because that's enough to make some good meals with. i made stewed okra and tomatoes last weekend and it was amazing.

and speaking of amazing, we picked the potatoes last weekend. that's my first try with growing them and MAN! i'll tell you what! fresh potatoes are the. best. thing. in. the. world. i'm serious. compare a freshly picked potato to a store-bought one and you'll see they're totally in different categories. i made a torte with potatoes, yellow squash and herbs last weekend and it was fabulous. last night i tossed boiled potatoes with butter and chives from the garden and i didn't know what to do with myself, they were so yummy. seriously folks, who knew how good these little guys could be?
who knew how good these guys would be

here's the hubby showing off the newly picked spuds.
freshly picked tomatoes and the hubby

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