Saturday, August 14, 2010

new orleans trip suggestions

in a few weeks i'm going to be taking a trip to new orleans for a work conference. i'm fortunate in that my sister is going to join me later in the week and we're going to take an extended weekend to kick around, relax, and just visit this cool city. i've only been to n.o. once. actually, that's where the hubby and i got engaged.

but i've not spent a lot of time there and want do some "neat stuff." i'm just not sure what that neat stuff will be yet. so if anyone has any suggestions on must-dos, leave a comment.

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Justin W. McGregor said...

Fist things that pop into my head are NOMA (the art museum), Aquarium of the Americas, seeing Ellis Marsallis at Snug Harbor (he plays there pretty much every week), Preservation Hall, Mardi Gras World (where the floats live the other 11 months out of the year) and Beckhams on Decatur (it's a nifty old nice old bookstore).

The zoo there is really nice, but it can be hotter than blazes in NOLA, so that one is very dependent on weather.