Thursday, March 17, 2011

st. patty's day

today is the hubby and my 10th dating anniversary. too bad her's not here so we could celebrate in some way. i can't believe that we've been together for that long!

our first date was a concert that we went to with a group of americorps friends when we were doing a project in florida. we were supposed to see 2 punk bands (the bouncing souls and flogging molly), but the building had a flood so the concert was canceled. so, instead we just walked around coconut grove, sat outside and talked. happy anniversary, sweetie.

for st. patty's day dinner i made an open faced sandwich topped with a veggie burger and sauerkraut with a salad on the side. for some reason when i was making it i thought that'd be kind of irish. but i guess sauerkraut isn't irish, is it? oh well! it was yummy anyway.


The Hubs said...

Happy Anniversary, sweetie!

Also, it wasn't Coconut Grove in Miami, but the concert was in Ft. Lauderdale, hence the train ride to get there.

Also, it was Anti-flag and Propagandhi, Not Bouncing Souls and Flogging Molly (which would be a badass show, actually).

But no matter; the important thing is that we're in LOVE!

Waldie said...
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Waldie said...

hmm. maybe that was another guy...

just kidding. okay, so my memory isn't the best. but it WAS our anniversary. and i love you too, sweetie! ;)