Thursday, March 31, 2011

visit from friends

this past weekend, while the hubby was still away in asia, my friend melissa and her daughter came for a visit to celebrate both of our birthdays. these might just be the last visitors to see our house as it has always been. (we're about to have it torn up and changed around as we sell our stuff and our house.)

we had a great time chilling inside away from the cold rain, going to edventure children's museum, and eating brunch at the farmer's market. thanks, guys, for the fabulous visit!

here are some highlights from the visit.
just woke up
the holy terror after just waking up

hanging out at the local farmer's market
visiting the all-local farmer's market

me and ann reading
relaxing for a minute

a girl after her mother's heart-easy mac
having fun at the piggly wiggly shopping area at edventure. (if ann only knew that it was easy mac that got her mother through college....)

this is tough work!
plowin' the fields

the fun is not only for kids
the adults can have some fun too (though, too bad there wasn't anything that came out of that cow's utters. that would've been cool!)

you can see all the shots here.

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wagsandpurrs said...

Happy Birthday, Katie!!! Have a great evening!!!