Saturday, April 16, 2011

saturday project

we spent our saturday painting our back utility room. it was THE last thing i wanted to do today. but the hubby felt that the room was an eye sore (which it was) and needed to be spruced up to help with the sale.

here are some shots before we did any work on the room (pardon the mess and laundry):

before any work (and messy)

before any work
(these pictures were taken by our realtor)

and here are some shots once we started working:

before paint

after spackle

just getting started

and here are some after shots:
after shot

after shot

after shot

i have to say, it was well worth the work. it looks so much better! it totally opens up the kitchen to make it look bigger (which it definitely needs). i only wish we had done it earlier. we still plan to put up a curtain to cover the hot water heater. so once we do that it'll look even better!

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wagsandpurrs said...

It looks great! And that marble topped island looks great there, too!!!