Sunday, April 10, 2011

yard sale

our yard sale was a success on saturday! we sold about 1/2 of our stuff, which isn't too bad because we had A LOT to sell. and it went a whole lot better than i thought it would. not that i thought it'd go "badly" exactly. i think i just expected people to be a lot more difficult and to insult me by insulting the stuff i was selling. but everyone who came was really nice. so i didn't mind selling them my stuff.

now we have to figure out what we're going to do with the rest of the stuff--either hold onto it and do another yard sale in a few months (which we'll probably do anyway) or just donate it so it's out of the house and one less thing to worry about. we'll probably do the latter of these 2 options, but we'll see.

big thanks to our friends carrie and allyson. their help was so amazing! they're such good friends to get up before sunlight and help us!

the yard sale during a lull*
a view of the sale during a lull period

selling my prized possessions to some neighbors
a heated transaction taking place

yard sale
the jehovah witness folks even stopped by and bought some things (and left pamphlets of course**)

mokey causing trouble at the yard sale
mokey was the hardest thing to sell. no one would take her so we had to drop the price to $.50.***

*if you scrutinize these pictures and see something that you gave us that we're now sell, i'm really sorry. we're selling almost everything, so it's nothing personal.

**one of the pamplets that the j.h.s left had a picture of jesus that looked like a bearded adam carolla. pretty oxymoronic.

***this is only sort of a joke. we are actually giving her away. but since we're giving her away and not selling her i guess you could assume she's priceless.

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wagsandpurrs said...

Y'all are stronger than I am, especially about the cat.