Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Our air is out and I want to cry. It was 110 with the heat index today and I guess our system lost the battle. It's now 87 degrees in the house, 4 degrees warmer than when I got home from work. We're going to try to deal with it tonight so we don't have to pay overtime fees.

I know, you might ask "How are you going to live in Africa if you can't spend one night without air?" 2 things:
1) I'd like to soak up all the air I can get now before we're without it for over 3 1/2 years.
2) Where we're going to be living, the average temperature is more in the 80-90 degree range. And it was WAY over that in Columbia today.

*****UPDATE: It's now 11 PM and it's 89 degrees. I'm really hoping it doesn't get any hotter! The "air conditioning" is off and we've got a bunch of fans going (thank you, Myers). I failed to mention earlier that last weekend the motor on our box fan burned up and the ceiling fan in our bedroom is off-balance so it's making an annoying scrapping sound so we aren't using it. This is just an uncanny number of temperature-comfort-related coincidences.

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