Sunday, July 17, 2011

Saturday Get-Away

This Saturday we went with a group of friends on our 3rd annual Lake Jocassee get-away. The weather was beautiful the first year we did a trip like this. Unfortunately, year two was a total freezing cold wash out (though we had interesting adventures none-the-less). So this year we prepared a little bit better and brought sweaters and pants on the boat.

The day started out chilly and overcast, but it warmed up enough for most of us to get in the water. It was still not as beautiful as it had been on year one, but a definite improvement from last year!

As always, great friends, great food, great times.

Brian and baldman catch up
Brian and Chris catching up

Mr. Dell steers the boat
Our fearless captain

the feast!
The Dells always provide us with a feast for lunch!

swimming and hanging out by the waterfall
Out of the boat to hang out at the waterfall and swim

The men in the waterfall

under the freezing waterfall!
Playing in the COLD water from the waterfall

in the middle of 2 waterfalls
Nicole and I hiked up to the top of the first waterfall

getting in the water after our hike to the waterfall
Getting back in the water. See if you can spot the snake!

Nicole taking a cautious look at the snake behind us on the logs
Keeping a close eye on the snake behind us

on the top of an island
On a different set of rocks, Nicole and Chris set out to explore.

checking out an island

baldman and waldie
Enjoying a bit of the afternoon sun.

loooking back at the mountains
The beautiful mountains in the distance

You can see my whole set of pictures from the trip here.

Dogwood Dell also has his pictures up on Flickr.


Erica said...

That looks like it was so fun! I have waterfall envy.


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wagsandpurrs said...

Where is the snake? I feel like I am working one of those hidden pictures that are in Highlights for Children! I don't see it! But y'all looked like you were having a great time!!