Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Back Home (for now)

I've been away for the past two weeks, driving (with the help of my Mom) our storage up to my Grandparents' house in PA and visiting family in NJ.

I've only been home for a few hours, but I have some conflicting emotions about being back. It feels so great to be home again (though it was a great visit with everyone!). I'm a creature of habit and I like to be in my own space with my own stuff and my alone time. So it's very strange to think about moving out of this house and I can't help but wonder how it will be in a few short weeks when we no longer have this home to come home to. I'll have to come up with all new habits; I'll be coming home to a new space and most of my "stuff" will be gone or in storage.

Even though this change is going to be good, it's certainly going to be tough.


Erica said...

It IS going to be tough.
I love you.

wagsandpurrs said...

Yeah, when I moved here, it still takes me longer because I have to think about where I am going. And you are going to be in another country! But I feel that y'all will do fine, after a while.