Monday, August 22, 2011

Going Away Party

I just finished up a bowl of homemade ice cream, made by Carrie Draper for our party, while I'm posting some pictures of our going away party.

As I said before, the party was awesome. It lasted 9 hours, so Chris and I were utterly exhausted yesterday. But we have some of the most amazing friends and we had a great time. Thanks to everyone who came out! And a special thanks if you brought food or drinks! It was so helpful to have all the food taken care of! I normally handle all the food for our parties, which I enjoy doing. But I have to say, it was really great to not have to deal with any of that. And everything was so delicious. People kept complementing me on the food and I had to keep saying that I didn't do anything!

Check out this spread! Mostly done by Carrie
The spread at the beginning of the afternoon. A TON of people brought food too, so we were definitely not without sustenance.

The Liggetts and Chris
Baldman's work friends
Chris's work friends. Sylvan (on the right) is his replacement!

Bernard, Doyle and Kara
Fr. Bernard, Doyle and Kara enjoying food and company.

Jenah, Erin and Carrie enjoying the home-made ice cream
Carrie gives her ice cream a thumbs-up.

Cheryl and Noah
Cheryl and Noah, as Erin escapes out the door.

There was a brief, albeit violent bout of rain during the party. That's when the numbers started to swell a little bit.
The crowd is growing!

Once the rain cleared, the weather was actually quite nice.

Omar, Adan and Hassan have grown a lot since we first met them!
The Somali boys have grown so much in the past 6 years that we've known them.

Chris and Paula steel a moment in the corner
Paula wins the prize for coming the farthest! She flew in from DC as a surprise.

Sara, Adam and Ena
Adam, Sara, and Enid came from Charlotte. A&S have only ever missed 1 Reid party in all the years we've been here.

Matt and Chrissy
Matt and Chrissy

Mrs. Dell and Dianess
Dogwood and Michael
Mrs. Dell (pictured above) and Dogwood (on the left) came from Greenville and brought yummy cookies.

Fabian and his wife (pictured 2 above) are from the region of TZ that we will be living in.

Thomas and Melanie
STSM in the house!

Kids playing
So cute
Erin stomping around in her crocks
The kids seemed to enjoy each other's company and have an all-around good time.

"Ruth, the tooth!"
Ruth, the celebrity, made an appearance.

Lucy and her friend with the Tanzanian shirt
Lucy's friend wore a shirt from Tanzania in our honor.

Allyson and Chris
Allyson came the shortest distance--5 houses away. :)

Me with the biker ex-neighbors, Shane and Josh
Me and the biker crew.

Zadok chilling outside
THe hubby, Manza, me and Lindsay
Chris with Christine and Bereket
Me and the hubby with Matsepo, Gelila, and Manza
PANASA had a good representation.

Dancing outside
Dancing finally broke out in the evening.

Charissa dancing

Hippies by a fire
The ubiquitous fire, a staple in all Reid shindigs.

Teaching the drunk party-crasher how to dance
The piece de resistance of the evening was the 2 really drunk and high neighbors who stopped by to introduce themselves. They were harmless, but made for great entertainment.

MIchelle, the photographer for the night
Thanks to Michelle for taking most of these pictures throughout the course of the night. Without her we wouldn't have had any shots!

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