Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Road Tripping

Before we head to NY for our 3 months of training we're taking a few weeks to travel across the country and visit family. We drove to Vicksburg on Sunday. On our way through Atlanta it just so happened to be lunchtime. So we stopped for a quick bite at Home Grown, a restaurant that my cousins introduced us to a little while ago. Man, if you're in the area, that's some tasty food!

The rest of the ride was fairly uneventful. I was exhausted so I slept most of the way. I did wake up, however, to see my husband get pulled over for a speeding ticket in Alabama. $174 for going 88 in a 70 MPH zone! Seriously!? Grrr..

On Monday we made settlement on Chris's mom's house! This is a true blessing, more-so than selling our own house. It's one less thing to think about while we're gone.

We've had a good time visiting with family, hanging out at the best coffeehouse in the South and chilling out. I even got my wonderful husband to swim in the hotel pool with me yesterday!

Tomorrow we head west for Arizona!

**P.S. We heard from MKLM that we've raised over $600 so far toward our fund raising goal! We were so psyched to hear that because last we'd heard (about a month ago) we'd only received about 3 donations. They've not told us who has donated, which I feel bad about because I'd like to send individual thank you's. So thanks to everyone who has donated so far! We can't express how much we appreciate your financial support!

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