Wednesday, December 21, 2011

1 week and Counting!

Our bags are all but packed.

We just got word that our Tanzanian resident work visas were approved and they are currently in the mail to us.

The car was (finally) sold yesterday. (We’ll miss you, Soob!)

And in a week from today we’ll be boarding a plane to our new home.**

It’s all incredibly surreal but the fear is definitely starting to creep in a little bit!

**Wanna contact us while we’re abroad? Chris and I will be turning off our phones after Christmas, so we will no longer be reachable at the phone numbers we’ve had for the past few years. We will still update our blogs and regularly check email, so feel free to keep in contact that way. We also have a Google Voice number, which is a US phone number that people can call or text to leave us messages and check in. I’ll be emailing out that phone number this week, but if I don’t have your email address or you accidentally get left off the list, leave a comment here and I’ll be sure to give you our new number.

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