Thursday, December 08, 2011

Covenant Signing Ceremony

Today we celebrated the first of our two big ceremonies ending our time in the MKLM Orientation Program and officially welcoming us into the Maryknoll community. We had the Covenant Signing Ceremony this morning at Bethany, our home and the hub for MKLM. It was an intimate ceremony, full of symbolism and celebration.

Merwyn helps set the sacred space
Each area of the world had a table and a representative from each region decorated the table. Merwyn, a Lay Missioner in the US, and former TZ missioner, did the TZ table.

Fr. Larry Lewis
Fr. Larry Lewis, a MK priest, said Mass. He had a great homily.

The TZ crew signing their covenants
The TZ crew getting ready to sign our covenants.

Me witnessing Caitlin's covenant
Caitlin was my witness and I was hers.

Me and My Mentor, Noel
I was so pleased that my mentor, Sr. Noel, was able to come to the ceremony today. She's been a great asset to my experience here for the past few months.

The next big ceremony will be on Saturday. We'll have a ton of family and friends coming into town for that one. We're going to party it up!

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