Saturday, December 03, 2011

More Goodbyes and Visits

During the past 3 months we've had so many visits from family and friends that it's been hard to keep up with them here on the blog. I'm not saying that's a bad thing! We've had such a major outpouring of support and love from our family and friends. It continues to astonish me!

When we were in DC last month we got to stay goodbye to Paula, a friend from SC who has lived in the DC area for a few years. She even took the day off to hang out and get Ghanaian food with us!

Chris and Paula with beautiful fall decoration
Posing with some beautiful fall foliage.

Then, a few weeks ago we went back into the city to hang out with a childhood friend of Chris's, Billy. Billy and his wife are recent transplants to the NYC area so we had fun trudging around Central Park and going into FAO Schwartz.

2 Mississippi sons
MS boys take Manhattan!

That same night the 3 of us met up with another group of friends, Tricia and Adam, to see a Mike Doughty concert in Brooklyn*. A&T get big props for driving (through wicked** traffic) from Boston just for the evening. I think we only got to hang out for like 1 hour (not including the concert, which doesn't count as "hanging out time" since we couldn't talk.)

With Tricia and Adam
The crew after eating some awesome veggie burgers and veggie dogs in Williamsburg.

The Mike Doughty concert was great, as always. And they had a really rocking opening band, Moon Hooch.

Mike Doughty and his band
Doughty and Band

But the added bonus of seeing MD in concert is that Chris's other long-time friend, Andy "Scrap" Livingston plays for Mike. So we got to hang out with Andy before and after the show!

Andy, "Scrap"
Scrap, living the life.

Chris and Andy after the show
Andy and Chris after the show.

Last but not least in the visits thus far was that I took a quick trip onto Long Island yesterday morning to get a glimpse of my college friend, Melissa, and her beautiful children. The visit was too short, but I'm starting to have separation anxiety and I just needed to say hi.

This child melts my heart.

Baby Lena is as snuggly and cute as can be.

It was hard to get everyone to stay still for even a second!

*We were in my old stomping ground of Williamsburg. I lived there over 10 years ago for a summer and then moved over to Greenpoint, which is just a few blocks down the road. My, has that area changed over the past decade! I almost didn't recognize it!

**You see what I did there? "Wicked?" Boston? Yup. I'm a dork.

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michellekaiser said...

I love the "wicked" comment. :) I wish I could see you guys and give you hugs before your adventure continues!!!! -Kaiser