Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pictures of language school

I decided today that I'd not taken enough pictures lately, so today I carried my camera around at school and grabed a few shots of teachers. I uploaded them on my Flickr account, but here are a few:

Chris says "Welcome to classroom G"
Chris says "Welcome to Darasa (Classroom) G!"

Mwalimu Sylvester
Mwalimu Sylvester teaches us "hadithi" (or stories). He is what the Tanzanians call "Mzee" (older person) and they mean that with a high level of respect.

Mwalimu Stephano
Mwalimu Stephano teaches us "sarufi" (or grammar). He is recently engaged and will be married in August.

Mwalimu Joseph
Mwalimu Joseph is one of 2 "mazoezi" (exercise) teachers. He also works with me 2 afternoons a week on one-on-one dialogue. He always has lots of questions about America and American culture.

Mwalimu Daniel
Mwalimu Daniel is our 2nd "mazoezi" teacher. He often likes to ask us pronunciation questions about American English.

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