Thursday, March 22, 2012

What we *thought* was for lunch today

One traditional Tanzanian dish, daga, consists of small fish stewed together and then eaten with rice or ugali. When we saw these drying out back today we thought that was for lunch today. Thursday lunches are usually traditional Tanzanian fare here at language school. So why not?

What we thought was for lunch today, but ended up not

What we thought was for lunch today, but ended up not

But that's not what was served today. I won't completely miss out on this meal, though, because I hear that the employees at my office in Mwanza cook and eat daga together quite often.


Anonymous said...

what is it? -kaiser

Waldie said...

They're tons of little fish drying in the sun. The cook brought them outside in a wheelbarrow and used a broom to spread them out on this concrete slab.

Anonymous said...

I had these when I was in Rwanda and they were surprisingly good. The fish were fried when we had them, and served with a dipping sauce that was really good. I ate more of them than I'd thought I would (maybe as scoops for the sauce?). We also saw barrels of these little dried fish at every market, so I'm guessing they're pretty common all over.

Love your photos, and love you,