Sunday, March 25, 2012


Folks may be happy to know that Chris and I got out this weekend to belatedly celebrate our dating anniversary. We had a great time just sitting and relaxing at a cafe. And we ate a cupcake. So. Good. If we had more money on us I'd have gotten a *real* coffee too. I've really got to get better about dealing with an all-cash economy.

(I'm going to post this picture, even though I look like a wobbly-eyed freak show.)

In person does my one eye look that much bigger than the other!??

We took several pictures like this and I looked wobbly-eyed in all of them. So then we took another where I could hide my deformity.

Hiding one eye behind Chris because my eyes looked lop-sided in the first picture.

Saturday afternoon we went to Lisa's Pride for the last time before we're finished with language school. It was a fairly hot day, so we treated the kids to water balloons. Man! It's amazing what a fun time you can have with toys that cost less than $1.

The Lisa's Pride kids playing with water balloons

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures!!! Congrats on your Anniversary!!-Kaiser