Friday, July 20, 2012

Analogy for Marriage?

Earlier this week a few of us new missioners went to the International Language School in town to register for Swahili tutoring. We had to take a test to assess where we are so they could accurately place us in a class. Chris and I went back the next day and met the woman who will be our teacher. Upon introducing ourselves she said to me, "OH! I know you!" I was all, "Huh? Have we met?"And then she said that when she graded our tests I had made a mistake that made her laugh and she'd never forget me. Great, I thought. One of the questions asked us to tell our life story. I briefly wrote about my age and where I was from. And I said I was married in 2003. Well, I thought I'd said that at least. Turns out I said something like in 2003 I was swept into a pile of garbage. Nice!

*I was going to just post this as-is. But then I felt like I needed to add a comment clarify that I do not, in fact, feel like I was swept into a pile of garbage when I was married in 2003. I love my marriage and my husband and don't feel like I'm trash. So, there. The record is straight. Still a funny mistake, though.

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