Sunday, July 22, 2012


She's not quite sure of us

There were 3 puppies living in the pile of coal next to our gate. We just had to take one.

Chris is pretty happy. Sprocket, not so much.
One person is happy. One dog is not. She was so scared!

Her brother climbed the gate today too. So for the night (and hopefully just the night) we have 2 puppies! We're not naming the boy because we're not keeping him. For reals.

Sprocket and her brother

What does Smokey think? She's super happy! But we're keeping them separated right now because Smokey was playing too rough.

What does Smokey think?


Erica said...

Of course.

Do you kind of want to rename Smokey something like Boober or Wimbley?

Waldie said...

Oh totally. We wanted to rename her but she was already used to her name, so we kept it. But we seriously considered changing it. If/when we get a cat, rest assured it'll be Wimbley or Red.

(jim) Bo Ba Log said...

Remember, we changed Tommy's name, and now its like he never had any other.